Morning Style Mongers. Smashing big Monday night at Albert Hall for Prom 43 (click), serious Russian roster. Stravinsky's little Scherzo Fantastique was a nibble, artful and very lovely. Over before could say cheese knife. (There were three cheese boards in our box. Three! What could one do? Shame not on the red, but still a coup) Next, Rachmaninov's The Bells utilised the massive choir and some bells. Pleasant/quaint. Strav's Violin Concerto was up next and featured virtuosic twitching from solo violist and big string scene. Have to say, all preceding works could simply not compare to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture . Utterly enthralling,  started off unusually with only choir,  a relative new thing. I know its a big, obvious one, but who cares, it was nuts. So dramatic, visceral and big. There's a little bit that sounds almost Yiddish in middle to represent the spirit of the Russian common people (am guessing, in a way) and that was double beautiful (go to 8 mins into the video below to hear). Then all hell kicks off. Bells, frantic possessed string frenzy, serious wind/horn charges, cannons the lot. Have that Napoleon. Made one so proud to be Russian.

BBC Radio 3's box.

Elected to wear new Edward Sexton Burgundy shirt with contrast off white tab collar. Thought the bloody hue might resonate with Russian theme, even referencing Bulgakov's M&M. In fact it matched the inside of the box I was sat in, and by the walls and curtains and carpet of whole gaff, appears to be the house colours of The Albert Hall. Without my jacket on, looked like was the cheese waiter most of time. Didn't mind a hoot. Wonder if choice was subliminal? Anyway, no one really dresses up much for this sort of thing- an endless disappointment.

Sexton burgundy Albert Hall tribute shirt.

Shant bang on further 'bout this too much. Had to be there etc., and failing on the d-line as ever. To be brief, dropped the Thom Sweeney old faithful tobacco brown silk/linen mix suit, but in deference to new Anti-Dandy stance also wore brown plain pocket square. Started with cocoa polka dot cotton (pictured), but in end went as 'self-tobacco' as could. Did throw in off-the-hook vintage Hermes tie, but low key pocket garnish- almost stealth. Never felt like a Dandy anyway as it goes. Dandy is incorrect for me. I prefer good old new-fashioned flash and dressing right up.  But not Dandy. I'll leave that to thoroughbred foppish Dandys such as Guy Hill. Or at the other end of the spectrum, Oxford Streets own Sartorial Seven. Anyway, more Anti-Dandy props shortly, perhaps. Off to Old Vic tonight. Anyone remember what colour the decor is?

Stubbs out.

PS. Anyone heard the term Dandiprat? It means a couple of things, and think gonna become useful.

Stbbss, Sweeney, Sexton & Hermes.

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