Morning Style Merchants. Alright August, still coping? Bought a Panama hat, just like was threatening to. Off to the Madre's place with it on. Mary's always liked a Panama, she's always said. She's throwing a party tomorrow at her place, the whole family's on duty. All three/four of us are right geared up. Should be a hoot, and the hat might just be the garden ticket.

Alto-pants: David Byrne in Panama hat with Gavi de Gavi.

Need some words in here to balance it a bit. How about Moonshake? That's how the hat makes me feel. Is that a good word for the sun? In the sun Wednesday, visited my favourite shop during a window of opp'. Anderson&Sheppard's shop door jingles with devout authenticity & clout. Audie assured me that larger is better as one's head swells, and hats shrink. Sounds hedonistic, just add Hardly Amies linen/silk hopsack blazer in stone, white tee-shirt and lilac chinos, plus Gucci snaffs. Should cover it.

Anderson & Sheppard Panama hat with Bay box plant.

It's made from Parabuntal straw, possibly some of the finest available am told. Its not cream or off white, its sort of light sepia, and I very much like that. Obviously this post isn't really finished, but then, nor is my column, and am leaving. Madre has specified she needs me there by lunchtime. Try this music then just leave, that's what am about to do.

Stubbs out.

I, am, bang, bang into Moonshake by Can, Kraut Rockers. Its below for those in iphone/ipads et al. (click). More to follow, maybe..

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