Morning Style Mongers. Been right at it, hence the memo-pause. Quick one: Looking for a Gatsby-esque look for a film actor client of mine. He's gotta go Cannes for a glamour-bash Saturday first thing. I've got given a slim window with him on Friday afternoon. Reckon this Sexton number might have Gat'-appeal, non?

Sexton three piece for Cannes.

It's Gatsby themed, but reckon should do Jay Gatsby in South of France, not slavishly aping the film, so got one other idea, doppio-below. I would share Holden's suggestion, but its too funny for mass consumption. Any trip to Sexton suave HQ is a worthwhile trip, regardless.

Meanwhile, been spending time working on the Anti-Dandy thesis. Yes,  The ADT. Includes what to wear to show-out under the radar while at the walk in Clinic at Hommerton Hospital , (double-marl including track-bottoms, LV suede driving shoes for dash of flash and CP Bomber for urban status flex. Easy: Air of the Street with a flavour of fash' foward).

Stitches out last night. Gonna miss those guys. A close pal pointed out: I will be back. If there's one certainty, it is that I will be back in Hommerton Hozza. Feeling Neil strongly at mo'.  You are too? You & me both.

Stubbs out.

PS. Those of you who've only just tuned in because of that article on 'style blogging', how disappointed you must be? Get used to it. Bespoke disappointment is the new ready-to-wear shame.

For you tablet/iphone heads; above is Neil Young-You&Me (click). Rather fancy this with a big hat. Did I mention am into hats at any point?

Sexton tapped lapel jacket & pants. This could be Gatsby go-er, plus Panama, non?

Hatrick: Young & The Gang, CS&N.