Morning Style Mongers. Been meaning to screw this vintage hook on the back of the door to the Style Cellar for approximately two years. When finally went to mount said brass coat hook (procured in Norfolk during what seems like distant, optimistic times) I found it too, too beautiful to dwell behind the Juergen* door. Besides, there's room for it to stand out alone, to be free and to work in its own right as a freelance hook. Here he is, in all his shadowy, vintage-tungsten lit glory: The rare, one-eyed, nighttime Clapton shadow albatross.

Rare night bird-hook.

I confess the shadow thing was a pleasant surprise that dawned as dusk fell. A happy accident. They're good those, no? So this isn't about style? It is. Am bang into the latent potential of what might get hung on this hook, seen? Style items with pass through the style loading bay, and might just make it onto the bird-hook. Might even help with the level of direct style editorial on here, which concede is approaching zero at the mo', no?

No apologies. I did promise you shirts with proper collar stands. I must find them, as men are queuing up in need of such garms. Hang about if you fancy it.

Stubbs out.

PS. Rare Bird say 'hey Buddy' in Passing Through, which is of course totes-dubious. However, just a have a shufty at their look, and this was the early Seventies. Allowed.

* Teller, cellar.