Evening Style Mongers. Good Bank Squalid-days had I trust? I simply don't believe the whole things over. I've still got too, too many singlet-based-looks to wear. And some to repeat. It can't be over? But the biblical rain says it is...

Grave Dr.Maurice.

Talking of over, never seen Carnival weekend so wet. Heard about Norman Jay et al getting tricked by the planning stage into not getting a plot for their systems? My time has long past for going down there, but it's still a shame they're trying to kill it off. Was all the talk over rice n' peas at Buddhist HQ at weekend. That said, Norman has got this going on (click). We did make it out onto the patio before the rain began. Pah!

Took this shot early August in Dublin, while I was out looking for kicks. Not giving up yet. Looking for an Indian Summer, perhaps down in St.Ives.

Stubbs out.