Morning Style Mongers. I got in The Aero one night in January and put this song on. Love Saves The Day by Kaine (click) for instrumental version- doppio buono. An old, lost pal had posted me a CD. He was a DJ before his wifey made him lodge his records. Happens. Shout out DJ Olly (end of the night song specialist). Anyway, was on the way to The Claridges for The Rake LC:M do. It was good. I was sober. I drove home and this was on again. Oddly it said something to me. Something about being free, oddly. It liberated me, partly. Maybe it was London at night in a car on my own. The lights. Alone with lights and music. Yes, that was it. Is that what I think its all about? Maybe.

There's something about the track. It's so slow and lazy, with that clean, innocent piano sound of the late Eighties/early Nineties London. Its from 2011 I think, but sounds double old. Slow. The beginning piano is so sadly urgent, like somethings about to happen. Ominous monotony. Maybe it just did? Some important half-penny dropped back that January night. I think the other half dropped yesterday. Am gonna sit with it. Anyway,  I like Kathy Diamond's voice, and quite a few of the daft lyrics. What a name too? I like it still. Lost the CD somehow, and low and beyhold-it exists on the internet. No shit? Here it is. Going Lido. On own.

Stubbs out.

PS. If you're looking for style content, I've raised my personal Style Terror Alert to Severe. This equates to red Speedos (click).

PPS. I swear am gonna try harder on here. Sheerlings anyone?

or instrumental version- doppio buono
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