Morning Style Merchants. Was GQ Men Of The Year bash again last night at The Royal Opera House. I wore deep blue cashmere modal cuffed-tracksuit bottom by Lot 78, white Sunspel wife-beater vest, 31" gold link-chain and Asics Gel DS Sky speed 2s, ultimate ultra-lite runners. I fancied a break from convention, as normally I watch Newsnight avidly in pyjamas/wifebeater combo. Was N.F.I. (Newsnight for infidels), but did dress my client Luke Evans in Gieves&Hawkes jacquard evening rig though (click). The boy looked wicked, proper yet non-convench'. The chrysanthemum jacquard jacket (spesh) with pale blue pleated dress shirt (doppio-spesh) and blue wool bow tie. He wore relatively low key black patent Jamesy Choos. GQ on line comment amusingly mentions Evans keeping simple: He's in a blue shirt dress shirt and thick, cashmere/wool bow tie, ffs. Since when is that simple, Mr.Carvell, hmm? Still, in menswear, since when has it been about the details?

Gieves&Hawkes AW14

Forever. Standardly, non? Anyway, with my perfectly sharp, unbefuddled morning head, am reminded of Dave's stance for The Grammys from 1975, in a take on white tie. Just look at those perfectly cut flared pants; so, so gorgeous, no? Reminds me of the Sexton been working with this week* (damn, that man can cut a flare F.Y. to the I). Anyway, Bowie's Black Power Salute was a nice, flirty, touch. And Dave's additional flourish of putting on bins to read the result is hilarious, and is proper cool-styling. He must has laughed his teeth out later, no? He seemed a bit absent/distracted at times, but cant think why. Perhaps he's a 'Newsnight-in' kinda-guy too.

Note also the massive cut-outs of the Female Soul Artist nominees heads that slide on and off. Insane, no? Maybe they should bring that style of presentation back? How the fuck do they make 15 metre high cut-outs for all nominees and get 'em all to slide in and out, all night? Must have been something in the air back then, no? So, so, so much more to say bout awards garb. Off the record, I think most of last night's best dressed lot look like muppets. Something could be done to improve the black tie genre, dont ya think? Suggestions to follow. Not enough singlets for starters..

The Sharpener out**.

* more Sexton verve and ting later this week on Style&Error. Stay tuned, Style Mentalists.

** In actually. Still in, as it goes.

Luke Evans in Gieves&Hawkes at GQ.

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