Afternoon Style Merchants.  The How To Spend It is out today. The Sharpener, me that is, is chatting all about the track pants scene thats 'pon man. But let us forget that sort of luxury style thing right now. Luxury to me right now is having The Chatsworth Festival on ones doorstep (click), well, very near. Clapton. Hackney. Shout out! Big hopes for the boxing demonstrations from The Pedro Boxing school, amateur dog show, and professional free bike repairs. Then there's reggae system. Big hopes yes. Why wouldn't ya?  For those who cannot see and hear Lee Scratch Perry below (click). Yes Lee. Get us in the mood. There's a man who knew how to drop a singlet vest & ting.

Lee Scratch Perry The Dub Organiser

All the big names in the manor have been invited. Stretch & The family Blonde, Lyall of Vogue Fabrics, Walters & Co.,  Seymour da Mechanic, Christos Tolero- Eighties Style Icon, HOLDEN UK, Tendai 'Ten-Mans' Davies, everyone. Bet no-one comes. Am going down regardless. Its drizzlin'. What to wear? Maybe only suitable to put money where my mouth is and drop a track pant/loafer/singlet flex, right? Are you ready Chatsworth? Am a comin'..

Sharpenizer out.