Afternoon Style Merchants. You've been away? You've seen a-lot, yes weekender? Yeah. Awfully sorry its all got a bit mono-blog/weekender comment here, but been on manoeuvres, seen? Currently am on manoeuvres with The Madre in St.Ives no less. The rest of the family are here too. It's a Brazilian Summer (upgraded from Indian) we're having. Sort of.  This from Sergio Mendes (click) buys me time, and brings you the mood from The Wharf, where am dropping tunes, between bringing Mother tea and Asparagus. Shout out WrongWriter (click) for the tune.

Sergio Mende Ye Me Le.

Ye Me Le talks about fishing boots and the harbour, and thats where we are plotted. Thats it. Got all sorts to say, but need a break or it'll bore us. Style can wait, right? If you can't, there's been stuff in the The How To Spend It you could look at. The growing trend for Traditional Smart Hats (click) , last week, and my antidote to the Receding Hemline Crisis (click) today. Then there's Mr.Evans. Oh yes. Keep your eyes out for his stances coming soon. Been doing a few for him and they're worth a look.

Stubbs out of The Metropolis today.

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