Morning Style Mongers. The name Jodhpur was taken from a dyslexic polo loving Raj who liked to dress in a more sporty version of full equine drag. The style-visionary recognised the value of superior sporting footwear worn in a non-competitive arena. My Das Sharpenoid column in How To Spunk It at zi veekend was roughly all about this (click). Sports training shoes are for pedestrians of The Metropolis. Jodhpur boots are for the high-striding puddle-vaulting tight-pant-wearing style-merchants who know, no?

Corthay Jodhpur boots (click).

Wore jodhpur boots against the rain to meet Charlie Casely-Hayford yesterday to drop an order for Matey Off The Telly, let ya know how they pan out by am doppio-optimistic. Yes, its that time again. The XFactoid is here, so it simply must be Autumn. Joe C-H styled/designed for the Clash I remembered on my way to Hostem, epicentre of Redchurch Shakerism Hip, while listening to Rudie Cant Fail. (Imagine the beard/hat get ups of the Hostem/Redchurch Massive teamed with jodhpurs, yeah? Just a thought). Regardless, it might well be time get your jodhpurs (boots) on, men. They're looking right for the seasonal onslaught. And it is a culture-less assault that awaits us from XF weekend nights. When I say us, I mean, well, me.  Am about to embark on a full- half decade of Fountain Studio/XF runs, ffs. Its just so Real Around The Fountain (click).

Saturday, here come the next parade of hapless, desperate try-hards. When it comes to originality and excitement, you can try you luck brothers, but I guarantee that it aint your day. This lot however, cant fail..

Stubbs out.

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