Evening Style Merchants. Having been brought to my attention by fellow crew member, The Wrong Writer (click), I've been completely sucked into Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 ever since. I've got myself immersed in it. You'll recognise the little two state riff from Sueno Latino's Sueno Latino (click)* who sampled it in 1989.


The electronic album E2-E4 is all about immersion and disappearing into the world Göttsching imagined/created. It has different sections, sort of tracks, that all lead into each other. All 59 minutes of it. His 1984 minimalist sound painting is exotic and edgy. It's glamourous and stark. It dawned on me the chess move E2-E4 is a representation of the riff, possibly. Its powerful stuff regardless.

The track subtly builds and shifts and Göttsching deftly adds and melds different soundscapes and nuances. The riff remains throughout.  Göttsching's an electric guitarist who also plays keyboards. He was bang ahead of much House music with this anticipation-heightening, work. I'm also enjoying Manuels look back in the Eighties. The CD inner cover has a charming picture of him and is apparently inscribed, with the message  "From Berlin, with love, Manuel". Dead nice, nein?

Aus Berlin, mit Liebe. Kragen schonmal.

The 'piece' is doppel-wicked. Been listening to it pretty, pretty solidly. Am gonna buy a cache of them and bestow them on pals who will also love it. This is almost instead of tackling work. It's not a sound for everyone, so don't hold your breath if you're reading this some of you. I should have been working all week instead of trancing out on various moments, largely on buses. I'll get mine in time am sure. Just a straight forward move. Thats all thats required tomorrow. What could go wrong? E5-E8** perhaps, for yet more immersion...

Nice one for this Holden.

Stubbs out.

* You really should see the styling of the Sueno Latino video. Gonna get a leather flying bodkin later this week from Mr.Porter.

** Lower Clapton to London Fields Lido.

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