Morning Style Merchants. Yesterdays weather was a trickster/bugger, no? Ruined my personal temperature control/style plans. Needed premier savvy look for whole day. It started out wet and windy, so went out in robust, thick hopsack three piece. Sweated like a farm labourer on lamb-plating day all day while working and beyond. Not ideal. Meanwhile, Mr.Evans wore Mr.Sexton doppio-breasted to the Dracula Untold Prem'. Far more suitable.

Evans in Sexton DB flannel and shirt, Tautz tie

Didnt deploy a pocket square. Messed up the clean architecture of lapels/shoulders, the expanse of gorgeous grey flannel, and the lovely textural/pattern interest in tie. No pocket, goddit? One piece less to fanny about with the visuals. Nice no? Look at the boy in those lapels. You don't see that shit in Hollywood, anymore.

Full Doppio Sexton, with JM Weston shoes.

All sorts on cards right now, so no additional comment possible. Film was a tense, clarety affair, and came out wired from it. Full marks to Evans. Untold stuff to mention in fact, but cant now. Met this fella, Tommy Dunn, in the after party do. He was quite a hoot. Another Bulgari ambassador, along with Luke. He was in Thom Sweeney RTW three piece too. Sweating less than I though. He's a pro I suppose though. Here's a little Clash for Tommy.. take it Joe.

Would kill for that volume quiff right now.

Stubbs out.

Tommy was in Sweeney and JMWeston. What more could I tell him, but doppio thumbs up, Tommy.

Six piece crew, Tom&Tommy.

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