Morning Style Spachelors. I am very envious of Valetino's hair do in this Andy Warhol portrait from bout 1984. Nice, light blowy. Brandelli reckons he'd just had his nose done. Who's not up for a bit of self improvement? Its a lovely nose too.  He is signing V, right.

Val' Garavani by Andrew Warhol.

Got a bit smeared out of shape down VF friday night with C.B.C.B.Barker, so can think of little thats particularly enlightening. Valentino's wearing a Cariter Love bracelet, which he managed to get in the shot too. Nice work.

Star-wood: Silver toe co-resps by Nicholas Kirkwood and blower.

Also metallic, I chose to bust the Kirkwoods out to White Rabbit (click) * and VF to ring the ch, ch, changes. Oddly quite like 'em as an action shoe, as have vibram sole. Proper sportif. Meanwhile, its all about volume at the moment, hence the blower, as getting it where I can. Thinking of installing a permanent hair dryer at MingCorp on Albermarle with some Kevin Murphy Rough Rider so can always access an early evening blowy when out in The Metropolis. Might also do a suit based stance with the silver Kirkers today for the XF session later. Might. This isn't really effective journalism though, is it?

Stubbs out.

* Which was double good. We drank a bottle of Luddite.

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