Afternoon Style Militants. It's been militant, no? 'Mili-good' though. Between runnings on Thursday, between Colony Grill at Beaumont and The Hermes press prezza, I had to stop, dial this up. Had to. And then I started to dance, without wearing no seatbelts.

Hermes new Chain d'Ancre print. Ni, ni, ni.

It's ancre'd everything ever since. Approximately. Play it. You'll remember it.

If you can be bothered to hang on, will update on other matters when can.

Stubbs out.

PS. Fashion naysayers chatting bout Tautz runway stuff, don't you get how this works yet? A runway show is like saying "This is what we've been thinking about, yeah? (Then now buy our normal stuff, right?)". Its pretty straight forward really. E.Tautz jumpers and jeans and ties and chinos and outer-vear is good, see?

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