Morning Style Merchants. Andy* had it so right when he (apparently) talked about the journey to the party being the best bit by far. Slipped into Soho late last night on a covert research mission. 14 minutes from E5-W1, Clapton to Dean Street, with E2-E4 (click) doing its level best to get the atmos' going. Too, too exciting. These two below are by Aubercy (click),  a Parisian shoe marque who appear to call themselves 'Souliers'. I am don't know nearly enough about them, but an esteemed, super-sophis' client has drawn my attention to their 'Sneaker' collection. I know they've got sole. If they didn't they wouldn't be in here.

Aubery 'Sneakers'.

I shall be immersing self in the Soulier scene and what is possible. Double refined, unusual trainer  hybrids is what these guys are. There's more pictures at the end. Meanwhile, the exit from Soho back the Clapton Village was as/if not more exhilarating than entry, with bright blue and bright pink skies at dawn looking insane, with spires and blocks and angles kicking off in all manner of provocative ways. Shocking stuff. Makes one wonder why not doing that every morning. To keep the momentum going this morning, 'bout to cycle the Pash' Sov' Rod' to London Fields cycles to get it re-illuminated, spoked, tuned and generally tweaked. I'll run around the borough for a bit then back, in two out of three parts of a triathlon-(did the swim yest', so effectively a drawn out affair that include night driving as additional element). The day is set get steadily more industrially glamourous from there, first via the Luxury Space Station that is The Harrods. Doing a floor walk, right? Then taking Matey off the Telly to my boys at Thom Sweeney. Also stopping off via Amies to view their excellent, new 'Signature Bespoke' service (more on that later as its so, so good). Later the Italian Ambassadors up to something on Grosvenor Square, which simply must slip through, hoping to take my most highly ranking of all Editors along with me. No messing.

Soul Love by Dave from Rise and Fall of Z.Stardust.

Then Jason Basmajian, (and Massey Inc) at Gieves are doing something with The Vitale Barberis Canonico crew at their gaff on The Row. Its black tie and ting, so better pull das finger out. Whats not to report on later in week? Just hope its not all about the journey again, and get to tell ya what actually went down. Might just take a series of photos and see if can capture something, journo style. Nothings gonna top the start of this one though, (so it is all effectively down hill from now on). Just kidding. Cant wait.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

* Warhol.

PS. This is Dave doing Andy. Quite interesting, no? Has he had his mouth glued into position?

Need a little space. Reckon this is enough?

Bunch of trois-soles.

sole pour Rupesh...

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