Morning Stardust Merchants. Was so pleased with putting some chocolate brown cotton drill drapes up at the new sash/bay window* last night, that freaked out in a moonage daydream, lost myself in The Rise & Fall of the things, consequently stopping writing and all of that stuff. Gotta do it now, so cant update on week. Shame. Was a good, good week, but for now, gonna have just offer up my Ziggy Stardust sock stance from Tuesday at Gieves bash.

Star-Mond Rocks.

My silver glitter-almonds are part of a family tradition. Sister Julie, proper Dave Disciple, did spray her plaster-casted arm silver to watch him perform in 1973. I could go on, but think better if Dave lays out his silvered agenda himself.

Ziggy does Moonage Daydream.

Stubbs far out.

*temporary measure mind.

There's a Starbust waiting in bay.

Pure temps mind. Temps.

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