Morning Style Mongers. Visited the new E.Tautz (click) shop on Duke Street last week in hideous rain. The shop and product was excellent and inspiring by contrast. Over the next twelve hours the rain stopped and Summer came back for a brief two day sojourn. I could not put the 'hedo-brakes' on till the early hours of Saturday morning such as the buoyancy of mood this solicited, hence the lack of comment on here. Meanwhile at Patrick E. Grants Tautz shop, things were looking very good indeed, with much fine ceramics and mid century Scando-rosewood furniture to enjoy. Its a large, simple and well designed 'space', as they say. There was biscuits, tea, conversation and clothes too.

Grant ensconced in ceramics.

Patrick too was buoyant, a man like him is unaffected by precipitation et al. He was particularly pleased with a triptych of eminent moustaches that featured in The Guardian that day. T.Selleck, B.Pitt and, yes, P.Grant. Come to think of it, does Pitt really make the grade there? As we ate a packet of chocolate biscuits, dark, Grant and I discussed how many miles you had to swim to burn one single biscuit off. It is very many. Far more efficient biscuit balancing is achieved by the feat Grant just undertook cycling from Newcastle to London, a distance of 310 miles, in 23 hours on a Trek bicycle. That'd certainly help the Derby Deficit.

E.Titz typo correction by dyslexic sign-writer with palette, do (click) for Mr.Tourettes

Was struck by so much product in the shop. Patricks putting his perennially brilliant pieces commissioned/curated for Tautz from all over the British Isles in the shop, as well as the directional E.Tautz line, (click) for AW14 show. Wide legs chino-pants are firm favourite of trendy style commentators and non-trendys alike, also wide leg jeans. They are good. Was impressed by suiting from bout £800 for two piece. Really lovely cloths, as you'd expect, and handsome, proper lapels and shoulder lines. MTM versions from £1,250-3000. PG's gonna do MTM shirts from £220. The sort of straight up quality and properness you get from this shop is encapsulated in this pair of RAF Barathea classic trousers "They're jeans for those who dont want to wear denim" Patrick tells me. They're a very lovely mannish item. Don't want to distract from shop news with the mainline stuff, but its in the mix too.

Tautz Parka.

Shetland knits from Jameson of Stetland (£195) are bang on. Bang, on. The lightweight parka are wicked (click) in Loro Piana Storm System (£895). Nearly took one to combat da rain. Always back to the rain. There's much good outer-action, so visit. Ties are the best you can get in the world, as I spend much, much time trying to say in The HTSI.

AW14 mainline.

Don't hold ya breath for next episode on here. It was a good one to participate in but dunno how would work in retrospect. From Chatty Man Dem TV show later on that very rainy day, through much Soho/Mayfair cavorting and Lowry bashing, to 34 on Audley with Mingcorp, and eventually to Vogue Fabrics for a quiet cocktail on das Halloween. I dont do that dressing up lark, as you know, so nothing much to report there, right? Regardless,  too, too under das cosh to give story its due right now. Might give you some music to keep ya going if you're good chaps, seen?

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

PS. Didnt even attempt a 'Moustachess of Duke Street' based pun. Must be slipping...

AW14 mainline.

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