Evening Style Merchants. Just pimped my Soho* in time for the flip. Gold date and T.S. added to slightly incongruous, but never-the-less flash gold slide. Its like an onyx ring on your diary. A diary pinky if you will. It's harder to write on the right, but hell, we're flossing here, forget the simple life. Regardless, the stuff before me to deal with before I leave for Budhist HQ is how am feeling for the beginning of 2015. Monochrome and grey is order of the day. Hope you're all in New Year order too. It's gonna be an amusing one in style. Trust me.  

2015 stuff

I'm In With The Intray.

Check Bryan's moves. Slow-motion-glue-groover. Am using those at the Norbital gig later. Keep it stylish. Happy New Hair you lot. 


Stubbs out.

* Soho diary by Smythson, kindly sponsored as ever by MingCorp.


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