Good Morning Style Merchants. Fuck turkey this Christmas, it's so, so, about Chicken Chic, yeah? Meanwhile, just been belting out a couple of Stubbs family Christmas medleys. I must say the Ronettes/B.B.King mash-up of "I Saw Mama Kissing Backdoor Santa" has livened everyone right up. As soon as we've had a couple of bouts of Kitten Baiting in the back garden, will be right with thee. Happy Christmas Style Mongers whereve' you might be dropping stances. Festive is all very quaint but for Christ's sake, do keep it stylish.

Egg-Whitey: Chicken going spare.

Paltry have been my efforts on here of recent, but shall correct later in the spirit of giving a chicken shit.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.

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