Evening Festooned Style Mongers. Read a thing on the internet and now music works on here again. Its embarrassingly easy to fit it in now. Meant to post this a month ago when D Train's Keep On put me in mind of a Nitelite Cityrama track. It starts off slow and stays slow. A sentiment I'm relating too.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFlQH3Dme78

The comment is right, it's not the best mix but is still good. 

Was about the borough today on bicycle looking for the secret Balearic bit between Christmas and New Year. Briefly mind. Just a look for that bit where you can fit in neglected non-seasonal manoeuvres. Anyway, I just want to say a little something about Sports-Luxe: It's bloody on, yeah? Been working with Quad-melange* flex and same tonal Car Shoe driving shoe (Sort of Bottega Venetta market trader).

BV AW 14 _ARC0388.1366x2048


Bottega Veneta market casual.

The time Marl Major is upon us people. I've heard talk. Its in the air. Was going so, so well 'till got virgin olive oil spattered down my C.P.Company cinch-ed padded anorak while unloading produce last night. Is on the airer now. Is really hampering casual matters. Battling though without. Am going sheepskin and tracky. Yes, we have no Lor' Pianas...

Stubbs out.

* Four-marl mix.

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