Morning Style Mongers. Back from Milan Menswear shows and Geneva S.I.G.H watch fete just in time to do Matey-Off-The-Telly for the National TV Awkwards last night, live from the Monglenium Dome. Didn't come via cable car, as per tradition, as have done my back in, proper style. Lugging the 28kg Globe-Trotter case wouldn't have done it any good at all. Had to come by car, then DLR, like a pedestrian (bailed from the Addi as the A12 was on melt-downs). So, so prefer an air-lift into work. It's exhilarating, and a correct place to think and 'be', up there in the sky in the wind. Also like a nice blowy* at the mo'. Did I mention this? Regardless, this Richardsonesque pose was the most erect I've managed in days. Its not been ideal on an elegance level one iota. The whole 'sartorial-singlet' look been touting depends on a most erect stance. Hunched over and hobbling sunday in Milan I became a cross between Rigsby off-of Rising Damp (click) & Rab C. Nesbitt (click). Not a style pinnacle by long hobble. O'Leary's look however, I was doppio gratified with. Hardy Amies Signature Bespoke suit in brown mohair. 

TS&DOL NTAs 2015

O'Leary in 'Signature Bespoke' Hardly Amies at The Dome. 

Matey O.T.T is in Emma Willis ivory silk pique shirt (which is properly lush), vintage dress studs (tiny gold/M.O.P numbers), and (my) Hermes bow tie. Want that back btw, Dermot

DOL in Hardy Amies NTAs 2015

On stage at the Dome.

Am rather impressed by Hardy Amies Signature Bespoke offer. Cut in bespoke manner with unique pattern by un-bettered Head-Cutter Will Adams, the thing gets turned around and assembled, off shore/off-Row as it were and comes back to Saviles with just the hand finishing and tweaks needing to be done. Handy, no? Bout £2,200 for a suit. Have tested this service several ways and its pretty damn good, if you're asking me. Also, Adams is exemplary for the record.



Talking of Will, will get London Collections:Men and Milan tings reviewed this week, I swear down. Roger?

Stubbs (laid flat) out.

Note. The Blonde below is Exley; The Entourage glamour quotient on long legs. Joe Mills took the shot. Or maybe did the hair, and the wifey Dee took the shot. Cant remember. Was too busy trying not to stoop. Also note, there's actually a little bloke behind Dermot, 'operating' him. Thats how this is all done, you know. Who knew?


PS. There is much ceiling based news, but so much plaster and yet so little thyme.

DOL entourage NTAs2015

Insert amusing caption here.


Hard working back-side of stage last night.

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