Buono Sera Moda Diavolos. In Milan, doing the Moda Scappare, oi! So zera time to update on London Corlectionis. Excusi. Should really be looking after my family, but it appears my prioroties are in style&luxury. Shameful. This is my newly set cornice, though. Cornice I

Cornice Pastiche.

Not dropping no shirt and ties stances this time around. None. Not one pocket snivel in my Globe-Trots did I pack. Didnt even bring enough polo necks to go round the tour. It's all about sartorial singlet style, the way am channelling it. Might be wrongness, but am feel deep winter Ska suitable. Surely is not a book-able offence, even at my ripe age? Regardless of protocol, shout out to all you believers from the lesser known Eritrean/Muslim district of Milano. Yes, Horace! Keeping the faith.

Some wicked safari suit action in this video. Couple of vests, but not enough...I'll lay some style on thee when I can. Really I will. So, so much to talk about. But not just yet.

Stubbs out.

PS. Favourite style story of day involves one style&luxury luminary who's case got lost on way over. This failed to scotch his lust for fitness, so he hit the gym first thing this morning  in his boxer shorts and Berluti hiking boots. The ones based on Gretta Garbos preferred ones. Too, too good a scene not to mention.


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