Evening Style Fundamentalists. Styled myself into a bit of a corner for the mo', so can't update thee on what went off at LC:M from my perspective. Give me a tick and I'll lay down what mattered to 'our thing' at LC:M.  Manolo's new shoes were rather good. Some properly long ones, too. Manolo Blahnik

Man in corner, Manolo Blahnik, returns from successful fishing expedition in buoyant form.

Long boots that is. Manolo was so well turned out, and a proper hoot to talk to. He actually did a 'my bum looks big in this' routine, and it was hilare. Look at his violet tweed check Anderson&Sheppard three piece from 1986, ffs. Lovely. Little bow tie, cashmere scarf... lovely outfit. Blahnik is a proper Style Monger. Remember what was chatting regarding disregarding elements of the over-done, frumpy, over exposed male finery for LCM? Like shirts and ties and pockets splatters and all those strapers*? Well, busted singlets on two days and didnt get arrested. Must be fine, right? 

TS sheepskin

The Vagrant Motson look.

This Sunday stance is a Zegna sheepskin trench, Piombo jacket, Sunspel Bretton singlet with Gucci suede retro snaffles with webbing, natch. Later in the week, last night at The GQ Hakkasan dinner I wasnt wearing a shirt either (click). Am living the singlet life.

Cornice. jpg

Cornice at "No.1 London" venue for Savile Row bash.

Having my cornices moulded and installed this week. And das ceiling Rose. Was going low key classic Victorian, but now seen this, having a re-think. Might go guilt. The address of this gaff is 'No1., London'. Thats it. Exclusive, non?

Stubbs out.


PS. From on-going GQ speech onslaught: Tracy Emin is a crashing-bore-hole**.  

** NB. Not rhyming slang for Andy Warhol.

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