Afternoon Style Mongers. There's alot to get through already this year. What first? Savvy-Sports-Luxe needs proper explanation and demonstration. Especially in light of getting openly lampooned by a Troupe of genuine surly Cockneys while at the Norbital party. Walked into their midst in full griege anorak/cuffed-bottom-melange-total-sport-casual stance with grey/tonal antic-goat-skin tassel loafer Car Shoe (click)... "Look! He's gone to fetch the morning water from the camp site pump!" was the main thrust of barrage. Maybe it's the seafood diet from an early age (as Don Stubbs claimed) but they're an accurate bunch when getting down to abuse lyrics. Seems perhaps Savvy-Sports-Luxe lacks a particular gravity of dignity/occasion/structure; I'll come back to S.S.L, but for certain scenes, alas Maxi-Marl-Syndrome does not cut it. In which case, lets all do Safari, yeah? Surrey-Safari would have cut it ni-cely New Years Eve for me. Yves has gotta be the urban poster boy for Safari, no? Get some music on first right now though, or its just not the same, see below. yves-saint-laurent-in-safari

The guns of Saint Laurent. 

The guns, the drums, the location should get us up to speed. Micks lapels arent doing too bad either, and again, those stage moves he's winding could be useful, no? The party The Stones are at is almost right set for Safari Chic. Add in a bit of The Great Beauty style pool rave (click-go one minute in) and we're there. Keep the noise, keep moves, then think Safari.

If all the Identikit Hipster Clones thought Safari but kept their beards, it'd be like It Ain't Half Hot Mum crossed with Castaway round here. But realistically this aint one for the trendies. Which in turn interests me a lot. Is it a red-herring trend or is it a go-er? So for Safari so far, put the track on , and consider it. Especially as per my HTSI prediction of March 2012 (clicky), Safari is now 'a thing' proper. Or could be a thing, at least. I rather like the look of it, but it must been done in modern, deft manner. Incongruous weather might be the UK issue, so lets not get all khaki-ed up just yet. Maybe its a chic-travel look in effect? It's not all about khaki either btw.

Richard James chambre safari 19

Richard James Desert Rat show SS15

Its really about patch, military flap pockets, and epaulettes too, working in crisp smart & smart casual looks. They're getting stuck on the outside of tailoring and totes changing the accent. 'Smart action' is the feel. Burberry did it in all manner of suedes. Looked pretty pretty good as it goes. Hats derailed for the straight thinking Style-Monger, but the Tr/wendies loved it right up. Not showing you suede options though. Nope. 

Burberry Prosum 06

Burberry Prosum SS15.

Dunhill's whole collection is looking very good now, thanks to new Creative Director/similar-title John Ray. His take on Safari is thus very good. Should include more images, but don't want to be an image drag, no way. These pockety linen 'leisure shirts' in two or four pocket formats, worn with stuff underneath, maybe knits/tees/singlets, look like one nice way into this look. Also a neat smart pant help, especially if worn with no collar/shirt. That might be the thing. Am giving it some serious thought though, as grinding out a column for The HowToSpennyIt. Starting to have doubts looking out at the drizzle.

SS15 dunhill Look 14

Dunhill SS15.

Really gotta give this some more thought before the Spring comes and looks have gotta get dropped for real, but am interested in potential Safari Chic. Alternatively, could get tailoring Doge Sexton to make me a suit in khaki cotton drill with patch pockets. That'd work double well you know. Almost Moores Bond meet Bryan** during his uniform period. 


 Rog' in Hayward in Octopussy.

In light of Bryan's glue-grooving the other night, did we mention walking in incongruous style glue yet? I inadvertently did it the other day down Cricketfield Road. Its when things are so wrong, you get glued up trying to walk. It was so stylistically stodgy out there in fur and cashmere at 2pm. I had no idea would be so strong. Had to bail. I didnt mention the new night Pimp-Flash story? Was away for a little while back in December with no Comms., so there are some updates required. But will have to explain when not in Safari mood. This post so needed a musical theme, going off to expand that despite impending d-line doom. I hope you did put it on. Its the first new popularist track to go in first playlist of the New Year. Attitude starts here. This is the 'B' version of the video. More intimate I feel. More like the vista from the disco/conservatory back in Norbiton. Play 'em both at once. Its fucking chaos.

Right Style Fiends, completely naused my schedule now, to little avail. Now got obsessed with Start Me Up off Tattoo You and am doing warm-up/made-up aerobics in blue O.B.s and blue stripe singlet. Wish was kidding. Sure don't bode well for the working year. I hold you lot largely to blame, but will get back and do more S.S.L and Incongluity Stances later on, Roger that?

Stubbs out, but always game.

** Ferry, obvs.

PS. from NYE. Shout out to my pal Micky Richards of the Norbital Sound System. He played E2-E4 in its entirety while we warmed up, despite some heckling initially from non-believers. He reported Louis Vega had dropped it as the warm up song at some do in LDN a long while ago, playing about 25 mins of it. Interesting, no? This Thin White Puke bloke's tranced right out on it below. Think he might have done one of those new PGS Superman E's. He's a brilliant lad. Know him. Welsh. He's about to go right off on one though. Tafari that is.    

Ede & R Shot02_064Ede&Ravenscroft SS2015.

PPS. Lyall is doing a The Great Beauty party somewhere nuts. Be blown if not gonna do Safari Chic for that. If invited that is.

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