Morning Das Fashion Fanatikers. Saw the original bashment boys from West London  this time last week. Aside from daft-cheer and a whippet, they brought this track over with them, below. Yes boys. Chemise, She Can't Love You. Well she cant, can she? Just the right level of squelchy base and Eighties synth groove for testing new style nuances. Put it on, I insist, and get involved, yeah? grey Sunspel melange


Charcoal grill, Sunspel.

I put on my new charcoal melange twin set as direct result of Chemise. Debuted the stripe Sunspel combo (clicky), matching pants too, at last night pals 40th bash under herringbone Rake suit. Worked it with massive Rubinacci cashmere print scarf and Corthay Wilfrids. Nothing significant happened as a result, but I  did enjoy it. Previously used black singlet, but new melange adds the grey herringbone mix. Its a very grey textural thing. My pals dropped suits too, and subverted them slightly to taste. Holden's Thin White Baker Boy, Torela's closed collar/no tie and Walter's Sixties Bryan Clough Sheepskin  stance. Good things. No photo evidence exists. Some odd shite went down at that party. People act properly odd under the banner of kind gesturing these days. I shan't go on. I could though.


Busting a straight suit out 'straight' just feels to damn straight now. Feel like suits and tailoring looks need to be fractured or worn slightly wrong, especially on a weekend. Google the Sartorial Seven if you need further ammunition on why overcooked tie based sartoria is looking doppio-pedestrian now (click). Admire their youthful application. Good for them. But there's more than a touch 'Camden branch of Foxtons** does vintage dress-up on a budget' bout the vista. Found very funny picture on their Twitter of two Sarty' Sevens dashing for a fashion show. Not only evidence that Tote bags are far too fem for actual men to use, but one looks like a school Mum lamely running the egg and spoon race in a POW suit (see end). This straight style is too straight, and in this case too funny. Granted, I dropped a three piece, shirt tie etc in The Sunday Times Style in 2005, full page, Thomas Crown style. But that look was simply not on the menu then. That was a decade ago. Its needs to be broken down now. This could be our* last time around, so better do something.


Belgian Designer Haider Ackermann's double good with fractured, undone drapeyness (click) SS15

Something needs to be off centre, at least a bit. For me, singlets & scarf does the trick. For now. This is me at LCM busting prototype version of last nights look. Cut old, ginger head off for dignity reasons. Full image (click).  Later that night is snap at GQ bash without Gieves h'bone coat (click), also debuting new semi-belm pap face. Needs work. What head-trick required for tonight though?

TS h'bone crop

H'bone & Rubi'

Tonight is the last night of pal Farika's reign as Landlady of The Nelson Head on Horatio Street (click). After eight years, it is a massive shame that she's not continuing to run that boozer. There will be further chapters for certain, but it's last orders on this one later. lt will be a significant night. Hang on to your chemise.

Stubbs out.

* older style merchants that is.

** super naff estate agents.

NB. These are the pants: Fifty stripes of gay.


melange pant

Under-pant post script. Two of Sartorial Seven 'running'.


Runs like a Mum

 Oh shit: There goes the sartorial charabanc!

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