Morning Style Mongers. Doing stuff with fam' in Keynsham, near Bristol. This is how relaxing I find Keynsham High Street, (play UFO by USG below for soundtrack to angst, thanks).  The gaff is properly buzzing, yeah? I used to work in this place, before it was Poundland. It was Keymarkets back then, an altogether classier establishment. Stacked shelves, but sometimes in Summer they'd put me out front to flog their very cheap garden furniture to the people. Better than stacking: I'd rather Jack, than shelfy-stack. I instantly evolved into a gobshite banter merchant, just so as not to get lost in supermarket. Little girl below in red coat evokes Don't Look Now (click). Better leave before the budget midget moves in and stabs me. Poundland

Ponder-land: All lost in the super-market.

Don't miss you Keynsham High Street. Do you understand? Micky Morgan, where are you now? You said I was useless, only fit for the crusher out the back where it properly stank. But I made it out the front & flogged people padded chairs in the sun. Thats how to spend it, yeah?


Scarmbled ESG.

Okay fanatics, do you lot wants some style to go with your Esgs on post? Okay, bear with. Maybe something easy, luxe and loose will relax matters. Maybe. Melange it up now my garment selectors!


Lemaire SS15, (as in Christophe) from Matches Fashion & ting.

Like what am seeing from this lot above. Lemaire. Matches lot put in me into it. Likey. Not for all people, prob not me,  but still likey. Cuffed bottoms, slightly reminiscent of pants used to sell bout five doors along  in Fosters menswear on K high street. 

BV track

Bottega Veneta SS15 Sports-Luxury.

Am doing something on the new smart comfort story right, f*cking now. BV went further than sport, did a whole lot of outfits based round Nureyev and Baryshnikov and other sorts of dancers, like Break. Double-body consciousness vests/singlets, sort of dance wear/meets track, with knits and jersey pieces all about that new sort of luxury. One where being a sloth-like, rich, flabby knacker simply will not do. Hands up who thinks this trend will be good fun?

BV knit

Bottega Veneta break dance folk singer-songwriter.

Having to wear  such highly structured stuff to even look presentable might just nought cut in these coming seasons. Just a thought. While down Keynsham High Street, in the queues and in the car parks, didn't see too, too much Sports-Luxe. Saw modern sportswear and aspirational accessories, yes, but it registered more as more Sport-Lax. Or perhaps Slacks-Comfort. 

Stubbs out (bang out of the fucking Metropolis)

PS. My urban/suburban tip stance,  is some nice, narrow, melange jersey track pants, low-key washed Car Shoe driving loafers, a singlet and wholesome, folky knitwear: Tactile blend-and-spend (ie spenny but on the d-low). 

PPS. You heard about the Midnight Rambler? Well mate, its not one of those. Kiddy, I'd go easy with you cold meat platter. Am talking about the Keynsham deck chair wrangler, baby and it hurts.

BV tracky

Bottega Veneta Car Park Luxe