Buona Sera Moda Diavolos. This is an old post from last Friday that I took down. It was a bit too friv' to stay up. But then the lyric that been obsessing bout, all of a sudden seemed more rel'. Well rel'. "She said don't know if I should, cos I worry to much bout the tests on the blud..". Was down Hommerton Hozza today getting mine tested, ya see. Nothing serious. They do 700 tests a day. That is serious, no? So just gonna tweak this and stick it back up, as got no time, fellas. From Friday 30th January: Afternoon Style Merchants. At City Airport, live. American pillock right next to me wont shut up. That voice. That monotone voice some of his bredrin have.  Have put on The Spotify, dialled myself a tune, and instantly am totally obssessed by Tart Tart by the Mondays. Listened to it last night and now its off to Milan,  for Dolce&Gabbana's big, shock announcement.

There will me more words, but for now, just had to get this out there. I worry too much. The chugging little white-funky riff always sort of put me in mind of One Of These Nights by The Eagles

My fav' Eagles song is this. Asked Michael Bastian bout the same, what with his SS15 collection being bout the dessert and The Eagles, and blow me, his favourite is One of These Nights too!

Am currently Bezing out a bit to The Eagles now in the airport lounge. Twenty minutes to kill. Maybe is The Marcus Gavi de Gavi and painkillers kicking in. Dancing mainly to celebrate fact that can actually move about, as back is so much better now. Been to the Osteo a couple of times.  Helped. Closest have come to being dry humped by a bloke in all my 44 years. Am sure its good for the posture though. Anyway, listen to both tracks and tell me if there's a link. Gwan. I dare yas. 

Stubbs out.

Back to the womb and back to the present day, Roger...

PS. The blood test is no biggy btw, its just one of my kidney fell out in business class from being pickled in Vintage Don Pezza at Dolce. They really did push the boat out. Thanks for that one boys. First class, never mind business. See Palazzo Selfie.

DD TS selfie

Palazzo pyjama selfie with Domenico.


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