Morning Style Merchants. This is what I've been getting down to. Embed it in your head then go do the breast stroke. It really gets you under it. Repeat. It's Drum & Screech, dub style.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp0EW4ReZcA

It's from Mica Levi's sound track (click) to Under The Skin (click), Directed by Jonathan Glazer. This tracks called.. no, wait, I wont spoil it actually*. Soundtrack got a Bifta Nomination, but don't think won. The film is double good. Watched it a few times. Very haunting and engaging on a couple levels, not least bout men, even though was also about woman. And Aliens. Glazer's very clever, and it's Johansson's best performance to date.

Cartier Crash Skeleton

Under The Palladium Skin: New Cartier Crash Skeleton.

Meanwhile, the new Crash Skel'ead did win 'Best Creative Kettle' as The SIHH Geneva, in my tiny S&E awards ceremony I held in a cable car high over the Thames, London,  hours before the exhibition closed. The speeches were really something this year, I gotta tell ya. Only one Cartier executive was melted to death in his car wreckage for the creation of Crash Skelly. In the Sixties mind. Not too bad for such a piece, noz? Wonder if Jonathan Glazer might do us a watch narrative. Could liven things up, no? Not sure how much more watches we need though. Maybe its over.

Stubbs out.

* its called Death, that what.