Morning Style Mongers. Just back from the Basel watch fest', again, think for 11th time. Not sure what that tally is worth. Not sure if gonna keep it up. Watch world is at odds with reality rather frequently on many levels, and itself is strongly stylistically challenged: The spiritual home of the American Tan tight and the curling tan shoe/Windsor knot/polymix-sheen-suit combo. There were some positive moments though stylistically, but not many. Below is one such highpoint, an appeanance of the Doge Rosa, AKA Nick Foulkes. Ran into said Swellboy (click), on the Dior stand with Baroness Mingay, of the MingCorp® Organisation. Note the pink back light of phone completing the pink stance.  Don Rosa

 Doge Rosa- bespoke hounds tooth jacket by tailor Terry Haste (click).

While I took in the look, complete with sharply creased, narrowed grey flannel pants, elegant suede loafers and pink sox, Swellboy was taking a picture of my new suede Epi Louis Keepall (click), similar to piece in link, but in the sensually chic new matt, suede Epi in blue grey. His next deft move earns him the new title Arch Luxury Ragga Muffin' of Basel, and I salute him. Cant tell you lot, regretfully, as is an embargoed connoisseurs Modus Operandi, but take my word, it was deep. That little suede Epi fella does solicit fair bit of attention from certain types, I have to say. Deep is how Mr.Ferrier rolls too btw, this time, in deep chocolate.

Laurent Ferrier chocolate collection

Laurent Ferrier Chocolate collection, Galet and square Galet models.

I've snapped some of my favourites kettles from the show. Loved Laurent Ferrier (click) who showed their new chocolate collection, in both Galet and Galet Square models, and they're doppio gorgeous things. Beautiful enamelled dials with such deft and discrete detailing, the nuanced shape and cream colour of the indices for example.

H.Moser Concept watch Endeavour.

Further extreme discretion ethos is fostered at H.Moser, who's Endeavour concept watch is reducing to the minimum what motifs and details are required to still be Moser work and remain functioning visually. Special looking fume work throughout their collection. Wicked, stylishly savvy brand, loving their work. Will add to this bit when get a mo'. 

Patek Naughtylist

Patek Philippe Rose gold Nautilus with bronzey/brown dial.

Did Patek at apt No.1. They had me at rose gold Nautilus with brown/brown unadorned dial. Such a lovely piece of jewellery to wear too, hyper modern, the way if hugs your wrist. So flash, but still favourite kettle of shows. Simply can't help self in the presence of this kettle.

This is my house mate, James Dowling, horologic soothsayer and historian, presiding over his special watch mic at Rolex press prezza. No one fucks with JD when he's got his mic cosy on. No one. 

Hermes are launching their first new watch for ten years. Good job the Slimd' Hermes is lovely, right? Very accomplished font from the graphic designer Philipp Apeloig. Massey Inc. can deal with my spellings when they read this, thanks Jim. They've achieved full vertical integration with this watch, including manufacturing their own ultra thin Vochet movement. Well done, eh. Whats rather stylish is the slight relief differences in the inner concentric circle and the small seconds. Subtle but lovely. Cracking new font too.

Hermès new Slimd' Hermes. 

Rather liked this stop watch from TAG Heuer, the Calibre 18 'Glass Box' with very domed/stand out glass. Got a lovely vintage feel, with champagne coloured dial.

TAH Heuer glass house

TAG Heuer Calibre 18 Glass Box

This is Heuers top boy across all sorts of territories, Rob Diver, showing me the edit he claims I made of his new collection. I think its pretty, pretty true to what went down. Note the black, stealth like version of Monaco Concept V4 watch. Quite a nuts piece frankly. 

Rob Diver CEO man dem

Meanwhile, also stealthy and dark, was Omega's Dark Side of the Moon 'Vader' black/grey stealth kettle in ceramic and with black mesh strap. Was very good. Likey a lot. 

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Darth Vader kettle.

In house at Omega, they're calling this the Vader watch. Perhaps there's a Darth trend, as when I was forced to don head phones a Vuitton's presentation, diminishing my blow-dry somewhat, it was interesting to discover their £250k minute repeater plays a chimed version of Vaders Theme (click) from Star Wars. There's your £225k value right there, no? Will add some more style comment about Lords and Doge's when got them worked out, Roger that? 

Stubbs out.

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