Morning Style Merchants. Put on the opening titles to Do The Right Thing with P.E. in effect, see below, to witness some doppio serious moves. That girl's Soul Train line dancer Rosie Perez, and she's got a fierce rinse cycle in action, right there. I'd go full screen for a spell; she has. My pal who danced for 24 hours for charidy could have done a spell at Rosie's level of commitment to dancing, maybe. But then this was 1989. The Summer. The sound of a funky drummer, etc. Yes please too all. Note, additional sax for film. Then if ya fancy, browse fragment's of the style week in pictures. First, big black goods news. Nay Sayers, or Naysers, as I call them can keep on nay-sing:  I've ordered the black L.G.* (click) I wanted, so fuck you and John Wayne. In doing so am following the black square motif that defines the kitchen. It's got a steam cycle. Handles 9kg at a time, yeah? And its black.  LG True Steam in Black

LG TrueSteam™, in black.

Its the dawning of  a new laundry era. Meanwhile, I have to agree with Chuck, most of my heroes don't appear on no stamp, either, though the current 'Comedy Greats' serious from the Royal Mail does have a rather significant Pete&Dud 1st class version (click).

* Life's Good, but some PR watch woman gave me a fashion kiss of death-cold in Basel, so had a cold all week. Stone cold, gave me the cold: First the kiss hello, then the I've got a terrible cold lyric. Unbelievable. No conception. No real biggy either though, and did get rather obsessed with M&S white cotton hanks. Been flying through them. Despite work load/deline and pending doom, took time out yesterday to press the laundered batch into neat triangles. Am alarmed at how calm it made me. Looked so good, actually can't wait for next cold. Bring the nause! Feed a cold, starve a fever? I dropped multiple grapefruits, applied vaseline, and took my cold running in the hail and swimming in the sunshine. Again, fuck you virus, and John Wayne.

Stone Island sport mac

Stone Island action Mac.

Saw a brilliant new piece of Stoney in a new multilayered performance fabric, including removable quilted fleece lining. Don't look too much, but thats whats good about it, badge off, this would be an urban low key tool. Have more notes, but are in other room and am still in bed, right?

caruso braces deet II

Caruso styling. Loving Caruso's work.

curso dress col

Caruso dress collar/tie detail.

<Some comment here, maybe when woken up properly>

Side note, there's two or three new columns from last week on, including Carlo Brandelli on watch style, which is interesting (click). Also HTSI on texture being the new colour/pattern, but don't think thats up yet.

John Lewis stappler 2

Tom Dixon stapler at MingCorp's John Lewis prezza.

Seriously want this stapler so can stylishly staple in bed, as so nicely matches my Tom Dixon hanging lamp in same copper, putting a whole new spin on the term bed-bound.

Paul Smith o'coat

 Paul Smith mainline oversized O'coat, better in black.

holland new bags

Holland & Holland new style all canvas bags.

<Some other comment here. Cant be bothered at mo'. Just had to get this post up. its been like a list mill stone.>


Vogue Hommes Paris SS15

Best mens mag came out this week too, see above. Will review in next post. Maybe. Buy it anyway, its very good. Enjoy checking how many of my Out&Abouts tally with their news. See, its been a hell of a week.

Stubbs out. 

P.S. Wonder, as Newsnight are struggling badly for content and flavour, maybe there's a solution right here. Flava Flav has a direct yet abstract approach to presenting, see Night Of The Living Baseheads below, with PETV. Massively underrated P.E. track. Could be my favour fav. Also wonder if Flav ever consider a square, black  Mondaine kitchen clock as a pendant. Could have been a thing, no? Put your square clocks forward kids, and forget about the round ones.

P.P.S. Meanwhile in singlet news, La Perla showed me this. Thanks Pearl. 

LaPerla vest

La Perla singlet, featuring string panels.

 Stubbs Orlebar Pucci do

Blow dry and singlet at Orlebar Brown Pucci do mid-week.

Introducing Pap Belm-Light; the new fashion party grimace. Met a smashing blow dry there. Will update next episode.

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