Morning Style Mongers. "Am an alligator. I'm a Moomin Papa coming for you..". Sort of. The ticket for the V&A Savage Beauty party tonight is slightly crocodile patterned, to offer more clarity. Its five years since McQueens death. R.I.P LeeMcQueen Savage Beauty invite

McQueen Savage Beauty invite.

Am on the list for later. Actually, just got put on some list of worthy style blogs this week, I note. Hate it when that happens. Makes me well anxious. Prefer it when there's just the five of you watching, know what I mean? So, regardless, here's some stuff. Two things. Forget sometimes how exceptionally good Dave's at The Beeb was. A Rock deity on his ascent via an institution that was pretty, damn straight to be playing Dave's stuff. Even Peely sounds posh back then. So to remember, see below, and stick him on. Note. Love version of It Aint Easy where a pal is singing proper Bluesy backing vocals. Also,  I rather fancy one of these here Hermès ponchos. Surely they're not pompoms, they're tassels, non?

Hermes poncho


Hermès wool/cashmere poncho with calfskin "pompoms", £850.

Been good with a nice pair of Jodhpur boots, right? Anyway, it's Matey Off The Telly at the Beeb later today, dancing for 24 hours (click), inspired by Derek&Clives "John Stitch-Non-StopDancer".  Good luck to him, the plucky host in shorts. Team O'Leary are all going down and have had special FoxCatcher style sweats saying Team O'Leary. As am going on somewhere later, think might just self style. Gonna go see hour one, go to McQueen at The V&A and come back and watch hours five & six. Five years ago Alexander McQueen killed himself. Five years. My brain hurts a lot. Rather frequently.

Check Dave's mime sway toward the end. Exemplary swaying.

Wish had the poncho to wear to McQueen bash. Oh well, wont start squawking, will have to make do and blend, singlets all round.

Stubbs out.

PS. Am currently a little obsessed by the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. Geezer that designed it died last week. Bless. Kenji Ekuan designed the bottle in 1961. He was 85, so he'd had a nice little run of it.



Kikkoman bottle.


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