Evening Style Merchants. First, pan down and stick on Peggy and then allow it to flow, I strongly urge thee. 'Do Style&Error post' in on my list, so this is it. 'Reduce lists' is also elsewhere on the lists. The are numerous. I'll come to them later. Did something on lightweight coats this week. Like this from Brunello Cuci' fellas? I rather like. Brunello Cucielli

Brunello Cucinelli cotton silk coat with peak lapel.

All sorts kicking off at the moment, but nothing that isn't really just about life, and the fact that is tough on a regular basis. Note, I am fine myself, so think gonna keep on 'till I drop, then plan to plan my look for tomozza night. Stick that on a planing list. While we're on Blondes, which we are, (you did put Peggy on, yeah?) am taking out That Glamourous Exley Woman to the Comic Relief cocktail bash at Quaglinos (click) see. A backdrop which I concede is looking chic again, and hence tempting for a rare team-jaunt out, right. We're invited as we styled/primped Matey Off The Telly for the Comic Rel' Rankin shots that are doing the rounds (have ya seen? DOL as a C.R. Skin!)  Could be a giggle, but not as elegant as linkin-up in Assouline though, on Piccadilly (click), where we plan to meet first and plot, not plan, and forget das celebs. We will be 'doing a look' no doubt, right Ex'? Will update if I think of anything. Exley will be late. I will look at the books.

Suggested to Exley she should do something in black, with black leather and black fur. "So 2014" apparently. I'll keep that on the inside in future.

Other appointments tomozza include Thom Sweeney (placing order) and Drakes (xmas shopping order) and Globe-Trotter (collecting order) and Massey Inc. (taking/first orders).  Something newsworthy is bound to happen, right? Tomozza: Is that all there is to a to-do list? What a to-do. Lets just keep Flaneuring...

Stubbs out, in The Metropolis.

NB. Mr.Cha, this is not a story about procrastination, its 'bout future flaneuring/procrastinationing. Is life not just procrastinating bout death?

PS. Has occurred to me this weekend, that caricature of me at top of blog post  is bout 8 years old. Might need an update, non? My hair's bigger/better now for starters. Then there's the lapel zeitgeist...

PPS. I hear this Stoller song as a call to garms/revelry, btw. Walters saids is a sad tale about alcoholism. Back off & parka up.

eTautz parka img_1042c1-1

E.Tautz parka.

PPPS. The wall there wasn't his. He's living off the wall..