Morning Style Merchants. Please find below some mother based Mozza lyrics for Mothers. That should do as a gesture, no?  A suitable maternal music reference, almost. Maybe an alternative version could have been "some girls Mothers go on longer than other girls, Mothers". Just a thought. Fancy some style? Portion of error too?

Being on a parent level, and on a casual theme, this train has put me in mind that SportLuxe chic has its issues.  Currently wearing these cashmere marl blend track pants from Raey (click), which am double dead keen on. They're tailored and sort of flat fronted, with a panel down the outer seam that makes em brilliant. Neat like marl trousers, with a slightly dropped crotch. Respect to Proudy, the designer. 


Raey Pants


Raey cashmere blend marl sweat pants.

Having put them with a blue goatskin Car Shoe tassel loafer (click), and a Breton Sunspel singlet (click), am now fully-happy. Singlets are omnipresent in my life these days. Its quite, quite telling. The colour scheme is all very pleasing together for March grey Sunday gloom: Rivera via The Flats.



Car Show goat skin loafers/old fella slippers.

sunspel vest

Sunspel singlet life.

So, now approaching actually leaving Lavinia Villa, serenely content,  just caught sight of look and became acutely aware it's a thin line between Vintage-Urban-Sport-Luxe delivered with aplomb, and someone rather like my Old Man when he was shuffling about, dementia bound, in a home. Lets say, after 40, there's more than a dash of care in the community in the mix.


Wedgwood ashtray that goes best with look.

The antiquated-issue was further accentuated when I became compelled to team the perfect accessories to this look: spectacles and this Wedgwood ashtray. Was brandishing it in the front garden for some time today till I fled the cold. So, in short, old age and SportsLuxe are at odds. Thats what I was trying to say. Things get worse. Ordered some Nike iDs Flyknit Lunar IIs  (click) the other day while procrastinating, badly. Just did it. Now I just regret it (£155)

Nike id

Nike iD FlyKnit II Golden Girls special editions.

Thought they looked pretty racy on line. They arrived, with more than a frisson of Golden Girls/Miami pension about them. Daggnabbit. 

Seemed to have drifted off theme. To get things back on course, here's the next Mother motif song. This is not really style post.  A version of I Know Its Over sung by Dead Jeff Buckley. Sounds too sad on its own, and not funny enough. My mother doesn't log on anymore, so it doesn't need to resonate particularly.

Proper smart, chic mens style next, as am Out&About the Das Metropolis today looking for it. 

Stubbs out. 

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