Morning Style Mongers. Kindly do as has become customary and stick The Fall on below. Its just not the same, unless you obey. Guest Informant, is just one of a number of elements that have been of interest to me in the last three days. Another is my Globe-Trotter custom 3o" Cocoa case order arriving in Albermarle Street. A 'Statement Case', Walters will call it, and perhaps he's right, if the statement is 'my case is doppio-chic, step from me'. Men and women were banging their heads against walls and tossing themselves under cars in the wake of this case as I carried down Alb' Street to the trunk of the Aero. Well, sort of. I could drink a case of it. Globe-Trotter Cocoa TDS case

A case of me, (click).

In case you hadn't heard, La Perla mens stuff is weirdly brilliant. If you want pure leisure clothes, (almost) from another dimension, La Perla might be the answer. LaP menswear didn't exist one year ago. So, you're unlikely to see another pair at the municipal baths, right? The fabric and printing is remarkable, so it aint cheap, either. I love this pair, £365, and am going to try them on when I've finished blathering to you types. Cue nay-sayers/yawn-merchants. 

La Perla shorts

La Perla silk print swim shorts.

Bazdad. State-Cog. A-ri-ston. Bazdad. State-Cog. Ariston. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit...yeah? Below is my new cloth select for my new Thom Sweeney (clicky) suit order. yeah?

Look, this bit/idea barely works anyway, so if you've not put the music on I fucking despair of thee. Go and read Permanent Style or something (click) (do click&check tailoring photo bomb moment, 3 shots down. Well funny). Regardless, love Ariston. Such a sophisticated mill. Doppio sophisticated. A slubby herringbone for an unstructured double breasted whi-sell with peggy, pleaty pants. Might be a bit thing, non? 

Ariston H'bone

H'bone by Ariston on h'bone floor of the Thom Sweeney shop on Bruton Place.

It was an oddly brilliant synchronised process with the boys Thom&Luke when we laid down the plan. Once I'd told them my vision. We were almost in agreement with all the defining factors, with them directing certain fundamentals, such as shallow wrap. Only thing we're not certain on is to rope or not to rope the shoulder. Other than that, will be soft in the shoulder and chest- quite drapey, high-ish pants with pleats and wide turn-up. There was other stuff but I forgot. Not gonna go patch pock' I dont think. Its gonna be a thing. Trust.

<Insert some other comment here><Its sunny, am running, am procrastinizing> <this is what I call deconstruction>

Socialising update: Assouline was as chic an escape as hoped/predicted. Comic Relief was a Hadean vortex of naffness. We gave it 256 seconds, then left.

Stubbs out & big up the blow-dry.

PS. If this post dont suit ya, the next episode is gonna be about how mens blow dries are the style antidote to tattoo and beard ubiquity. Saw mill operative/Faux-Hells-Angels beware. Also note, das Hipsters cannot change his tats, tho..ha! Snookered, you ink-pillocks.

Exley in Assouline

Exley in Assouline.