Morning Style Merchants.  There's a premium slew of tee-shirts in my living room right now, arranged in a non-premium manner. Of the elevated glamour versions, these two are the best, pretty much. Loving the ivory silk Saint Laurent one, feels smashing and drapes just lovely. Turns out they're/he's dead good at glamour tees (click). Saint Laurent ivory tee

Saint Laurent Ivory 100% washed silk  T-shirt £280.

Look, even the hanger hook is a cheeky little snakey chain. Also note shaping darts to stop thing gapping unpleasantly, heaven forbid.


Saint Laurent lapel details, bout £170.

This guy below is Richard James, and is less 'of the night'. Damn gorgeous ivory linen/cotton slubby affair. Its becoming a more slubby scene, you know? Interesting,  since I had the word vindicated at The HTSI some years  ago. Anyway, I'm semi-flopping here of multiple failures. Multiple. Shan't mention Rentokill, or anything, as don't wish to alarm..

Richard James Ivory TeeRichard James Ivory linen/cotton tee shirt.

Compelled to bang this out to prove not retired/died etc, though. Its been emotional and busy, but getting through. The ivory/cream motif is present here, as when I do deliver a post post, its gonna be cream, sorry, ivory. Or did I mention that? Ivory's the new cream, right? The puns that am swerving abound.. Cream Tees for example. Ivory's A Big 'en, which doesnt work at all, thank fully. Rentokill & Ivory also doesnt work, but my peruse it regardless.

Stubbs out.

PS. Went Battersea Antiques Fair with Walters family at weekend. Bought antique and mid-cent stuff for yard. Will update. Had to get massive mirrors in the little Bubble Ka. Was well embarrassing. Bring back The Aero, please


Venetian mirror with luxe-tee-detritus in background plus Bird Of Paradise Flower detail

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