Evening Style Mongers. Managed anything this week? Me neither, barely. Might just be about what's achieved tonight at Lyalls Call In Sick Friday (click) which I don't quite understand, as its in the evening. Call in sick on Saturday, surely? Regardless, going there. Might play this, by the Junkyard Band. Might not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEZveq0tZh8

Possible stylistic highlight of week was buying So Far So Goude (click) from total favourite gaff in The Metropolis, Assouline, for frient* Luke Evans for his birthday, which he celebrated down the Bulgari Hotel. The 19 bus from outside Assou' to the Bulg' was super chic. Nothing topped that moment yet, listening to Stevie. More of that later, but gonna buy book for self too, as its double, double good. Thanks for that shout Emilia. Not even sure if this image is in the book, but gonna base my stance tonight on this one below. The fellas that is. Nice looking rad, bredrin, btw.


Jean Paul Goude, from some point. Not got the book yet, have I?

Whatever gets played, gonna channel some middle-age versions of Miss Perez's moves, below. Listen out for Stevie's Skeletons (click) mid-way through this, ahem, mash-up. Seen? A big GTA track, right?


Actually managed to write this instead filing ideas for the HTSI and getting ready. Sorry Beatrice. Am late Lyall, sorry also

Stubbs is not yet out in The Metropolis.

* Friend&Client, obvi'. Silly!

NB. Dragged this out the Juergen today, it's from my collection, Shazza Chic, circa 1992

Stubbs SS'92 XR3i leather

Tom Stubbs XR3i leather jacket.

P.S Couldnt resist this… Nice one Steven.


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