Morning Style Fundamentalists. What have you done with the weather, one wonders? Deeply engrossed in outerwear quest this Bank Horrid day, yeah. Stick on Dave x Steve, below, and come in from the snizzle. As May is being such a totes fickle fucker, even rainwear seems currently suitable. It's as if the Government have privatised the weather, and now its on a pay per view basis, but somehow we've defaulted, or our chips expired, or something. This Private White V.C. Dispatch Riders Trench is a seriously top ranking piece (clickety click), and might just take off the edge the misery. Private White VC Dispatch Trench

Private White VC Dispatch Motor Trench, £bout-a-bag-of-sand.

An un-looseble belt proved interesting to deploy, the half raglan shoulder makes the thing super good fit, yet still action worthy. The massive wing collars and lapels flap about to smashing dramatic affect, as I found out when shot it for a campaign the other day on an elegant British film actor. It properly rained on the James Smith & Son city (click) umbrella I gave him. And this trench. But not on him . They even hired additional rain. In my position as trench tweaker, just outside the broil , my Blowie was raised to the scalp by the end. Had to re-blow twice, ffs.


Booyaka, booyaka, Whagnee is massive.

Talking of Re-blow/Re-Blowie: Elsewhere in the weekend, Mary Anne Hobbs played Saturday afternoon on Radio 3 (click-mans), her show was good with loads of Steve Reich. Two hours of excellent, engaging music. A proper solo-sound-tonic. This is a Reich Bowie remix using Steve's clapping music. Its partic' good. 


"Your country's new, your friends are new Your house, and even your eyes are new Your maid is new, and your accent, too

But your fear is as old as the world"

What have you done this weekend? I'm still doing it. Pretending to work that is. No one's fooled. Not even my florist nor my cheesemongers.  Shout out to The Dark Knights of Colesterol (click). 

Stubbs out.

PS. Will have another stab as this caper when the 'Zola wears off.

PPS. Nice looking sink, non?

PPPS. <insert words here>

NB. Private White V.C. is properly 'ream. Do you understand?