Morning Style Mongers. Do please excuse the 6 day pause in proceedings. Plague and pestilence have plagued me somewhat. Just who ain't getting P&P'd these days, right, but it's the pestilence that really drags. Desperate to get this off chest before is bleeding Autumn, so just gonna wade in. Having some issues with wanting to wear tailored lines but not wanting to look like straight go-er, espesh  now it's spring. Got one light silk hopsack jacket that like and made the edit, so building from that. Need new moves. Bryan got moves.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arct2SuLcZs

Stuck him in to liven things up, otherwise like pulling teeth. So, while grinding out me Sharpener (click) column (not really a euphemism) and researching light tailoring, I got sucked bang into cream/ivory tailored jackets. Cream & ivory jackets, largely intended for formal but worn fractured. Not all particularly challenging stuff, but what can I do? Finding works best with monochrome styling (as in black&white). 


Cifonelli wool/silk/linen jacket - SS15 RTW

When I was in Ralph, Purps, admiring further Ivory shantung silk gear I tried it with my jeans and singlet, below. Rather liked, and also noted how slightly evocative of Vicious doing My Way. Slightly mind. Bloody loving ivory silk/linen etc though. This is way forward. Gotta break it though, or look like working in Cecconis.


Ralphy Purple label ivory shantung silk jacket

Its not often you see a popped shawl collar, but as the song mentions, he's doing it his way. Do you think he plucked those eyebrows? Seems unlikely. Sidney, its all yours..


Putting Umit Benen in again, to recap, as love this look all round.

Umit Benen

Umit Benen, tennis tailoring SS15

I like Canalis suit, see below, in cream ridged/twill silk/cotton, with really good pants, double pleat, high waist band. That new design bloke at Canali, Andrea Pompilio, felt in necessary to stitch in the scarf you can see protruding. Compusory, prescriptive styling, like when Burton's do tee-shirts with a long sleeve stitched in as if have worn two. Not a positive Andrea, more self sabotage. Good news is comes out with a Quick-Unpick.  


Canali SS15

Look at Bryans slim bracelet strap gold kettle on his album cover. Loving that wrist poise generally. Ferry doesnt have to worry bout looking too too straight, though. Look, its a video illustration. Sort of. 



Bryan's Another Time, Another Place, 1974 

This has turned out like my bloody column, quite dull, just a list of stuff with no attitude. Cant believe I even hyped this. Better split quick before you quit for good.

Stubbs out.


Saucy Jack, in cream, in Chinatown. 

Ralph Purple label shantung silk DB

 Lauren Purple label silk , the way God/Ralph intended it.