Morning Style Fundamentalists. Working on double significant shoot all day this week, today as well, and hence found self on The Row again for first time in a while. Stick on The 'Heat boys below and gently simmer a couple of things that I saw. Partic' keen on the scene at the Kilgour.  Par-fucking-Tic. Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 06.58.10

Granite City: Ks Birds of Paradise pony on my Columbia Road ones. They're so gloriously succulent-alpha. Paradise pony.

The lines here are nuts. Brandelli's smashed it with this new chapter of K. Its a new level of tailoring angles, proportion and purity. No messing. Add in some extremely good fabrics, then, shit the bed, step back, this tailoring is working on serious new levels.  There are some fundamentals forces at play. And no clutter. Potent.

Kilgour jacquard

 Kilgour's Jacquard. Obsessed by this major fabric, those peak angles.

Meanwhile, check these angles that Harp Boy is pulling, back when beards meant something. Cant get enough of this song currently. The long, lighter version is also double good too, this one is at Woodstock  (click) ffs.


22 minutes later, at 3.20.45pm, Nick Tentis' gaff was also looking rather suit suitable for my plans. There's his hand and cuff, he's holding a velvet shawl coat with unusual colour fabric I can't describe with the amount of Gorgonzola Dolce I've eaten in the last three hours.

Nick Tentis shawl

Tentis, 'Cocktail Olive'*

Original Rudy, Tentis, knows his way round slim lapels. We did some good slim lapel stuff today (now talking in future tense. Odd I know, but bare with me). 


Ivory silk linen Tentis

Back in the pasted tense, almost bang next door to Tentis, is Gaziano & Girling, shoe fiends al dente.

Thomas Brunschwig

TB from G&G in C&M

Style Monger, Thomas Brunschwig from Gaziano&Girling was looking strikingly impudent and angled in Chittleborough unt Morgan as he smoked his surreptitious snout. G'wan Joe Morgon, we like your work. Meanwhile, also nearby..


Thom Sweeney new three piece, forget, what fabric called. Soz

Okay, so its on sodding Bruton Place, but the Thom Sweeney boys new gaff was totally buzzing. Gets the sun, and everything. Both of those style Sartorial-Stalks  were grafting away on shop floor. It was brilliant stuff immersing in the real Sweeney world. Always like talking to the other men getting dealt with in there. They know something special is going on, and always interested in how and why they got in there.

<is there an image here?>

When it comes to fabric and texture, those fellas do sodding well. Even the posh hand soap in the toilets is slubby. No messing.

Thom Sweeney Aritson H'bone

 Thom Sweeney/Ariston H'bone DB that talked about a while ago.

As well as pulling some serious style, I had a fitting for new bespoke DB they're working on. So excited bout this suit. You should see the pants they can make. Two pleats, high w'band. Mono-adjusters. Stop. Boys, the LCM is June, yeah? Early June, just so you know, right? This song for one will be blaring from my Mercedes Style Wagon while am attending. 


That reminds me, Jo',  action more polka dots. We do need to finish this off, so cheerio. 

JG does pretty woman shopping stance

Jo da Pol', my right hand Man-Dem, doing The Pretty Woman bag stance. 

Stubbs out. 

* Nicks drag name.