Afternoon Style Mongers.  Stick on Zep's muscular call-to-serve, below, and join me in considering these guys: Saint Laurent's French 60 ankle boots (click). Fancy them? Okay, maybe not at this exact altitude, but similar, non? Robert, out of Led Zeppelin, is wearing something damn similar, but in brown. Feeling this level of heavy for early May. Saint Lauren French 60 Ankle Boot

Saint Laurent French 60 boots

As not been running due to naused back (one of the aforementioned pestilence)  putting on a little additional weight round the derby region. Minor, but if you wanna be dropping certain looks, could be an issue. No such excess baggage on Plant. A midriff to marvel at, and a navel to match. Lovely little denim shrug too, Bob. Cant run, in heels, or otherwise, but have been swimming like Tarzan. Not exactly the look. Perhaps heels will help the stance? There's a good brown suede pair, below Led Zeppelin.


Surely these suede fellas are reasonably feasible, or is it just guitar rock talking ?



Some suede, less mental Saint Laurent boots, somewhere on their site. Google it, or something.

More of the rock 'n'roll sound and look in the coming days. It might be a thing for May. Meanwhile, May's here everyone. Look.

Hackney Halves down Cricketfield

 Hackney Half passing Lavinia Villa, Clapton.

Was so doppio jealous of the Hackney Halfers when they ran past this morning. Used to love a cheeky half on a Sunday. Had to make do with watching Mohammad filming the entire run by. Too funny. Couldnt even get to each other. Was like a river of lyrca flowing down Cricketfield

Mohammad, Mrs Mohammad and The Hackney Half II

Mohammad not moving.

So in the end the adrenaline and other stuff buoyed spine and went out running for first time in 3 weeks and linked the race down where it crossed to Olympic park, on the canal in Hackney Wick. Was so exhilarating all round. Got off on the races buzz. Ran against the flow later on the pavement for while. Saw the Run Dem Crew (click). All new faces. No one seems to remember season 1. No one. Gonna do the Hackers Half next year. And the Marathon, dressed as seven Bowies. Film that one Mohammad, baby. More, as and when it happens.

Stubbs out.

PS. Robert, who doesnt want to be a backdoor man from time to time.

PPS. <pending, is with the rest of my overdue copy>.

PPPS. Britain: You need polling and I aint lolling.