Morning Style Fundamentalists. Writing bout the Jac' again. Jacquard that is. However, always makes me mindful of the other Jac', so stick it on below. Busy juggling copy, so can escape and actually be out in Da Metropolis. Am proper strapped to my Haslev desk (click) and stuck in da house till then. Mr Fingers, set my soul free, if you'd be so kind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFuujExs03A

This music is not exactly conducive to work. A bit "Playtime Fontaine", right Holden? If I do make it out, am going down Hattons to get something to go on my 31inch plug-link chain, and then to Bulgari. Note. These two things are not related issues. Might also link my man Joe Mills for a blow dry, (click) and (clicky). Hope to be writing bout Blowies when I get a mo-ie, but feels like never gonna happen. Never gonna happen. Am egged on by Ronson's recent efforts at the TAG Heuer bash in Monaco, though. Full blowie-marks, Mark. He was there DJing at the Heuer bash for their new ambassador, Cara Delevingne. Liking Rono's Monaco style stance too, electric blue double breasted suit with jersey tee.

TAG Heuer Monaco Party

"Up Your Ronson!": Exemplary Monaco Blowie on Mark.

Talking of summer stances, might also go get this Dunhill shantung silk slubby shirt (click) with abstract shell print, done in Lake Como-over, in coral colour. Its an exceptional material, and it is to go under Ivory silk shantung Canali suit that have just got involved with. Wanna see the suit anyway?

dunhill silk shirt

Dunhill at the OK cor-al*.


"Canali, wo-oh, woah."

The fabric is drop dead, show stopping lush. Slubby (again) ivory silk shantung. Such a wicked weight. Gonna also drop with Breton vest, obviously. Also considering Corthay Alfreds. Reckon bang on for the June weather, right? Oh drat no


Top up Jac..

The outfit is for a Christening. Also shopping for a Christening. Does it matter that am a Satanist, on occasion? At least means am a believer, right? God, can you feel it?

Stubbs will be out The Metropolis soon.

*ridiculous pun. Don't give a monkeys.

PS. Visuals

TAG Heuer Monaco Party

 Ronson with Blowie & Cara.

PPS. Visuals of 'Skeletonized Blowie' that am working on. Like a big blowie quiff, but with bits missing.

Last Blowie

Last 'Sketetonized' Blowie in Joe&Co, Soho, May.