Morning Style Merchants. Still very much out in the thick/thin of it at Milan Mens Fashion Week. Saw The Michael Clark Company (click) dance at Pringle of Scotland last night. They achieved spell binding within a short space of time and in a tiny loft space watched by a slice of the fashion set. Doppio impressive. Twinsets & pearls never looked so poised and taut, and Clarks unique language and motifs delivered something beautiful, acute & pretty mesmeric. Fashion shows fail to approach on a movement level, as a rule. Michael Clark Company Pringle Milan SS16

Scottish Moment: Clarky (far left, sat) and Co. at Pringle, Milan SS16 shows

More, laters, really, honestly, but gotta hit the park for my early morning Eritrean improv workout sesh' thats become a tradition over last few days, before it gets too, too calde. Loving Milan, however uncool that might be. L-ing the D yesterday out here operating alone with my sleeper cell driver. Today, traffic returns to the Vias and Piaves and totes nauses the whole caper. Shame, but will cope. Keep it taut, team.

Note. Signor Clarkissimo & Crew are performing at Glasto' in June, reet?

Stubbs out.