Evening Style Vendeurs. Back from Provence's citadel of luxe that is the Hotel Crayon le Biro (clicky). Was smashing and must find time to say things bout the gaff. Not now though. Now Friday is a jarringly bleak Metropolitan backdrop to take on board for July, non? Always back to the rain..Regardeless, this is merely a holding note till get free, before try to write what promised/hoped. Meanwhile, am Mac-manacled to my pony keyboard of non-deliverance. My, I'm slow. Is own fault, and is a minor. That said, ever feel kinda down-and-out, just don't know what to do? Have a quick douche with G.S-H. (click), rinse yourself some perspective, you'll be right as rain, see/hear below. Could you call on Lady (Luke) Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aRNUsmfeck

Yoohoo! John? Yoohoo, over here mate! Jooohn..Think might help for a spell. Whats helping me through mind, is my new addiction to the silk/linen jacquard shirt/jacket that busted consistently in situ on resort. It's given me totes-new edge on resort luxury. Wish Haider Ackerman (click-clicky) did Speedo-style trunks, as would then drop the full look. Looking at the man himself with deep Peter Pan tan, think he might do a pouch, as it goes. Regardless, here's the jacket am flexing resort style, even as home-wear now.

Haider Ackerman jacket

Haider Ackerman SS15.

Granted been wearing a bit differently. Less layers. More shorts. It was 36 degs at times thoough, so layers weren't de rigour. Matches is the best place to get Ackers, for those Style Mongers who fancy a bit of it (click). First to stock in UK, but thats Stacey 'Savvy' Smith for thee, non? Might get the striped vest thats on sale, in the look below. Might. Should get on though really. 

Haider Ackers trouser ref

Ackerman SS15 look, featuring silk linen jacquard pants.

Do really like Ackers in-house styling too, non? Sling it all in there and keep it loose, louche and unbuttoned. We'll give it a go, Haider. This layer was good to cover up when the Provence sun got too much for mixed gingers. It did. One more question to consider though that came to mind while was away. Why were the really fat people I saw sunbathing? They were  super white and blotchy, so what is the point? What were they aiming at? Surely if they've got time to loll about on sun beds in the name of looking good, they could get on a velo and cycle up a hill or two? Not criticising, just curious bout this one. 


Anyway, told you my take was a bit diff'. Still loving the fabric though, zig-zag silver blue jacquard silk linen. Too, too much. Put with ol' fav Orlebar 'quicks' in red, vintage suede Sergio Rossi nautical knot loafers and my Panama from Anderson&Sheppard. Anyway, gonna knock this list out from under itself, and be right back on here, right? I've a vested interested in finishing. 

Stubbs out.



SS15 Singlet life.

IMG_0411 copy

Quick retorts, on resort, featuring I'm-alright-Haider-Jackerman.


 Here it is… and you say, goddamn..