Afternoon Mein Style Mongers. Still feeling Caruso's flow in a major way. Espesh with this  overcast grey scene that descended on the East Metropolis. Don't know bout the rest of the world. Defo liking braces and pleats though.  Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 18.44.59

 Jean Baptiste-Paris for Caruso AW15

This Susan Cadogan Trojan track is very nice. Have a listen, non?

Thanks Susan. Lovely stuff.  "Do it, do it, do it.." Remind you of something? See The J.B.s at the P.S. Watch the pastiche of Ska related imagery. Its not usual. 

Caruso crop

Caruso details.

Belt and braces? Yeah, he was in The Small Faces

Stubbs out.

dunhill rugby and braces JPG_8480

 Dunhill AW15

P.S. Was gonna link this track via a clickage, then thought, nope, 'llow the track visuals in the post. So, hello Monie!? you never came back..

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