Hi, Hi, Hi my little Style Simmers. Listened to Iggy Confidential show last night on BBC6Music (click) and it was doppio heavy. Totes derailed my Total Grayism column research, but so what? Nice one, Mr.Pop. Loads of good stuff, loads, but this track by Shamir just bounced. Its still bouncing. I'm still bouncing. Check it..

Could use some more cowbell, right? For those that don't know that one (click) here. Now, that video is what I call research into 'Total Grey' and tings. Nien? Oh well.. Off out now with Das Lyall Hakaraia for polite and civilised drink. Not gonna wear grey, but not gonna wear colour either, bar my russet leopard gheko tan. Maybe a dash, a shirt to go with skin print maybs, but defo doing a singlet and a big hat, see Twitter (click). Maybe a bit of light tailoring. I'll stick a snap up if can pull one off, in manner of speaking. 

Stubbs out.

PS. This is so I don't forget about this track below. Please jus' ignore it

PPS. More on Total Grey when its time. In Autumn.

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