Afternoon Style Sphynzsters. Desp' wanna chat bout Gucci Coup, but can't . No time. Been on the pinstripe tip all week, thus. Or is it in fact chalkstripe am chatting bout? During visit to The Sextonium yesterday for some sartorial whizzdom (and otherwise), this difference became apparent.  8e8b724403676c1ef9955bb37450608e

D.B in D-B pinstripe. Crazy cut, with dropped peaks, and fitted silhou'.

Had the pant-waist of my Sexton wide-leg, 'long-low-leafy' D-B V.B.C. pale mink pinstripe nipped in, and the jacket tweaked too.  Its a gorgeous minky grey flannel chalkstripe by Vitale Barberis Canonico (click) which is why is remains chic and not straight, see below, left.


Sexton long low leafy DBs.

That, plus its Eduardo thats cut it, and me thats wears it.  It's all about chalk stripes in subtle, suave flannels, also known as cables. Will be dropping that suit again, come September and temp dropping, but never dropping the tempo.

Sexton Show-240 copy

Sexton from contemporary archive, crazy shoe choice. Very Jarvis.

Its hard, 'beaded' stripes that are trad Wall Street/City flex's. Not sexy, not chic, Eduardo explained. Thanks brother.  Must admit, not really feeling wearing the tailored stripe flex's that am researching full stop right now, and instead have this tune by Francis Bebey in my head, with every intention of fleeing the Metropolis mid September. Keep this song in mind, and flea brothers, yes? 'There are people in town, crazy people in town'. Too, too true Franc'. 'So much wilder than we'. Well.

Francis Bebey, shirt by Saint Laurent SS15

'Money is what they like'. What exactly is he even chatting bout? Don't know for sure, but like it, and fancy being in similar scene. Will add to this, with pinstripe images for AW15, but might get a bit more savage first. Make sure you're not a pinstripe crazy town head. I don't mind a sauve black coffee cola, as it goes though.


Boglioli AW15, he's had his coffee cola. Is wearing off a bit, though.

Hermes coat nice, non?


Hermes AW15, black bag full of black coffee cola.

Going out later, in the glamourous East. Can't imagine what gonna wear, but as keeping Francis on, so something will happen

Stubbs out.

Ede grey lk1 chalk

Ede&Ravenscroft AW15


Gruau, 1985 for Dormueil. 

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