Morning Hot/Wet Style-Steppers.  Seems went to sleep googling 'running track - East London', now woken up doing same. Need to break that pattern. Need to clear style palette, too. Its making me tense, thinking bout other stuff* without a comment or a tune offered up, to you, the moderately faithful. Seems slack, when its so easy to share. I need to find a track. To run on. Need to get quicker over a mile and to loose the beginning of a Derby** thats appearing. Not to be confused with this brogue Derby thats appearing in rich dark brown soon, though, courtesy of Cleverley. Cleverley HENRY 2

G.J.Cleverley Henry with Dainite sole

You see, I need to get proper speedy over a mile and the track just does the trick. Know a special trick that makes you train so hard and quick. Didn't see another sole yesterday to speak to, but there's a time and a plaice for solitude. When it rains like November in August, it's one of those times. The rain solicited this shoe-outburst. Stick Eden Ahbez on, he's good with that sole-itude story.

Would have judged and sneered a man in man-made, rubber soles and a formal suit not too long ago. Things a changin'. Now finding a small troop of excellent ones for AW15. Which is round the corner, btw. Led by the pair of Clevs', above, which are rather elegant, from one of my utter favs, G.J.Cleverley (click). They now do 'em in dark brown too, but not got the image. Yet. Pierre..

hare bernard_3_0076

Mr.Hare Bernard, also with Dainite sole.

I also like Mr.Hares Derby Dainites, too (clicky), as ever Hare is achieving modern with a heritage accent. Just look at Marcs site! He's having a hoot over there outside his shop in Notting Hill. Look at all the happy people. Also digging what Alberto Guardiani (click) is doing with man made soles, but his people aren't digging me, or getting back that is. Loving their work out there. But I know its August you Italian lot, and you've take the whole month off, but style goes on, right? No wonder Italy struggles in commerce. Everyone still takin' two hours for lunch too, one notes. Still, lovely shoes, so do give us a shout back and I'll stick em in my Das Sharpenizer column. Anyone know the Guardiani massive? Give em a nudge on their lounger between gelatos maybe?

Guardiani boots

Alberto Guardiani boots with man made sole.

There's more shoes to mention (Grenson, Tods, and all that) but now I seem bang-off track. No track found, either. Where was I? Yes. You can't argue with the rain. Its nature, boys. 

Stubbs out. 

PS. Dear Baroness MingCorp brought this image to my notice. Its great. Loving Miles shallow one-button DB stance. Great kettle shot too, some one should steal that, non? Kettle massive? 

* Like new Gucci.

**Kelly. Not just a shoe style..

PPS. Is there such a thing as a NightNurse sole? Just wondering.


Miles Davis receives half time results, in shallow DB chalk stripe.

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