Morning Style Mongers. The style&culture magazine* who just shot me and Stretch wants to know who my style icon is. Cant seem to answer. Already said Dave as to favourite recording artist, and mind sort gone blank for icon. It depends on so much on mood/times. There's one guy in mind, but he's not finished his style run yet. Went for a run round Keynsham, to ponder, and all I could think of was a meld of these chaps.


David Johansen vocals, New York Dolls, Whistle Test

If had more guts and good looks might have gone for this. But didn't. Saint Laurent giving it a good go though. This look will be mentioned when I do Gucci Coup, soon tings.


 Bry' and Toto, back in the cafe.

Bryan for his services to subverted sartoria, see above.


Bryan relaxes at home.

And for wine/watch style, above.


Thomas Jerome Newton in Nick Roeg's Man Who Fell To Earth.

Based much of my of my casual outerwear taste on this look. Thinking bout, 10,000 other bracket fans did too, partic' Scallies, and even the Mancs.


M.W.F.T.E Luxury lounging.


Thomas Jerome Newton, millinery and robe shouldering.

There more to discuss, of course, but simply gotta dash, the Madre's under the knife, and I've just been killing time. Gonna send Docs&Nurse mag a link to this for my answer, should be fine, no? 

Stubbs out.

* Shan't name in case they getting upset, right?


 Dave at Premier of Man Who Fell To Earth. 


Dave vs Dave, looking very Haider Ackermann, to note.

NB. Context is everything in style, and when one considers the context that Iceberg Slim was functioning in. He's a boundary maker/pusher.


Iceberg Slim- the hair, the shoes, the neckwear.

Mr.Slim not exactly bang on trend for family values and the like, but certainly exhibits admirable bravado and flair. And hair.