Morning Style Merchants. Am very pleased to have a page in the new Esquire magazine on new blow dries. The mag looks really rather good with a cover story of D.C. shot by Greg Williams and styled in deftly low key manner by Gareth Scourfield (click). I like the cover. It works. Daniel-Craig-2015-esquire-cover-43

 D.C. Esquire cover

Naturally, as is way with magazines and that, they couldn't/didn't print my drivel in its entirety, and certainly not all of my picture suggestions. They went with Ronnie Wood looking like a gonk for lead shot and an illo of Mark Ronson, who is an excellent contemporary Blowie-Poster Boy, doing his hair as per my hairdresser pal Joe Mills (click) Blowie instructions. I'd have gone for Clint as Dirty Harry as King Alpha Blowie, so am putting him on here now, with my copy underneath. Hope no one minds.

Clint Dirty Harry side blowie

 Alpha Blowie #No.1. Dirty Harold.


When Mark Ronson D.J.’d at The Monaco Grand Prix TAG Heuer/McLaren yacht party this summer, his glamorous accompaniment wasn’t only the Heuer ambassador Cara Delevigne, but a towering, voluminous blow-dried quiff. In an electric blue D.B. blazer and t-shirt, he looked suave but edgy; Riviera chic with altitude. Ronsons look was made by his big ‘Blowie’*.


Credit to Ronson for Blowie-efforts at TAG Heuer Monaco Yacht disco-bash this summer.

The Blow Dry is first statement hairstyle to actually make statement in a long time. For more than a decade, men’s hair has been channelling austerity and hard-times, such no-nonsense Short Back & Sides or East European Military conscript fade crops. Alternatively the don't-care ruggedness of longer Oiley Biker looks. These err on grimy, studied unkemptness, as with retro Fifties dos with visible pomade, invariably served with a ubiquitous beard and side order of tatts. This wilful ruggedness has dragged on too long. Its time for a new look.


McConaughey in Wolfie of Wall Street: Natta bad heffort.

The remedy is the Blow Dry. So openly posey it hurts. Blowies can be executed in luxurious, edgy or flash ways. Consider Richard Geres 1980 American Gigolo demi-volume dry blowie. Alternatively, Matthew McConanahy’s Wolf Of Wall Street power dressed blow featuring weightier sides. Volume sides are key, no longer clippered, but lush and full. The dry finish is yet more critical. Dry hair is the new debonair look, (so forget about visible product).

Those that worry dry look volume is fay should consider The Sopranos, or the latter scenes of Casino; Nothing fem about those leisure suited, head-breaking hard nuts. Or Clint Eastwood, who’s sported an array of Alpha blow-dries, especially as Dirty Harry. See also Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets.

Paulie Walnuts

Paulie Walnuts, a blowie, a tracky & a pinky.

Personally, I’m loving blow-drying, for its openly premeditated glamour stance. It takes bravado and guts to wear a good blow-do, but pays style dividends as point of hair difference. Its clean, wholesome and aspirational, especially compared to more downtown alternatives. For dressing up, more than a frisson of bluster is added to supper/evening looks with a Blowie.

Despite receding resources, I’ve been working a blow dry for a year courtesy Joe Mills, Founder of Joe&Co in Soho. Mine is a capacious Paulie Walnuts, minus the grey. Mills is a strong blow dry advocate. “The last few years have seen slicked back pompadours and stylized quiffs, but now the blow dry is the perfect antidote to the short back ’n' sides, and a bold move (for mens hair).” Says A-List session Hair Stylist Mills. “Grow out the fade to a longer length. The blow dry is about glamour, with some Peacock, "look at me" factor. Also embracing taking care of yourself, not being scared to show it. The bigger the hair the bigger the statement.”


Dicky Gere in American Gigoblo.

Volume is the next big thing hair wise, and a fresh new way to mark yourself out from the identikit Hipster beard/tattoo merchants. I don't even visit the Lido without my Kevin Murphy Rough Rider styling clay, and enough 20p coins for the dryer to deliver a full something seriously full and bouncy for the cycle ride home.

Harvey Mean Streets II

"Put it with a Rizla and burn it. Burn it like that": Keitel in Meany Streets.

Stubbs out.

 *As they’re being called in some areas.

Notes on how to do Blow from Joe Mills.

For the perfect blow dry, wash and towel dry your hair. Apply a tangerine size amount of mouse into damp hair. Using a nozzle on your hair dryer on the hottest and strongest setting. Angle the air from front to back with the nozzle in horizontal angle, using your brush pull through from front to back. Do the same with the sides until it is all dry. If you want more volume, then tip your head upside down and aim the airflow at the roots. Lift your head and finish with Kevin Murphy session spray.


Thats your yacht: Blowie in bluey.