Morning Style Mongers. Let's just flag this right up for starters: I have not finished-fucking-well sunbathing this Summer. Do, you, get-me, weather tings? I am owed most of August, it feels like. Ok. That said, things are changing, not just climate wise, but on a stylistic gender slant. Did I mention New Gucci to ya? Doppio very exciting, and not without controversy. Got meetings in town and a do later, and am considering channelling something from this lot, see below. No-one mention or even click on this (click). It would be super churlish. New Gucci is a coup, just be careful how you go with it, fellas. <space, please> GUC_0194

 Gucci AW14: Thats now, that is.

Been dying to start chatting bout this new Gucci scene. Is too, too interesting and exciting, and rather amusing, although am a believer. Thought get the bow rolling with some shots, but, can't do a proper debate/set piece, as too much on, obvs. Running behind: Been to see my mother, you see; she's ok. Thanks for wondering, some of you. Bit trying, but ok.

So, some more Gucci looks. Would so wear that satin shirt, right there, below. 


I've been buying into this look below. Got the crepe satin shirt (click). Note. Bow not included. Not. More of that later. Busted in Friday at Da Poles B'd bash. Its all B'd bashes at the mo'.


 Gucci bow, though.

Gucci champagne blouse III

Bow try: Pony & crepe? 

Its Flamingo Bonces B'd do tonight, too, so maybe some more New Gucci, anyone? Yes, bow selecta.


For those that didn't click in intro, couldn't help putting this in. The tune is so evocative (for a certain age group). God The Seventies were bleak. People thought this was the funniest thing on TV. Forgive us. Oddly, Betty's got all the bows, but Franks got the new-Guc' outer look down though, no?

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

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